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i'm particularly glad to find this place. I think that girl culture is a fascinating topic, and having been in a girl's school myself, I definitely understand the dynamics of this. When I look back at my junior high and high school years, I definitely regret a lot of the mean things that I did. I agree with all the previous posts - those poor girls are completely missing the point of the movie and hiding behind false aliases that allow them to that which they probably cannot be in the real world. I gave my mom Queen Bees and Wannabees when I was in high-school, to try to educate her and my little sister about what they were going to face and it's still a favorite. For people that like things along these lines you might want to check out Lauren Greenfield's Girl Culture. This photography book is amazing and it really chronicles this Mean Girl experience in a beautiful and sad way. Much love to all the members- i'm glad I found an intelligent antidote to all this pathetic self-glorification and bitchiness going around. As a sociology and communications major, I look forward to interacting w. the rest of you and sharing stories. Much love,
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