Liss (cosmicbagee) wrote in oddgirlsout,

Odd Girl Out? Let's help each other.

Hello all-

I, like yourselves, suffered through relational aggression. I have read all of the books, and all of the research.

I believe that a good way to discuss our past emotions is through the internet, as I want as many people as possible to participate. Thus, I started a community called rachel_simmons. Rachel Simmons is the acclaimed author of Odd Girl Out and Odd Girl Speaks Out, and both books were basically my bible during a difficult time in my life. Rachel is an educator for the Empower Program, an organization founded by Rosalind Wiseman ("Queen Bees and Wannabes") that brings programs to schools in order to stop the relational aggression. If you'd like more information regarding any of this, feel free to go to or

As for more information about myself...after struggling through junior high and high school, I began to follow Rachel's work. Naturally, I was enchanted. This woman has dedicated her life to helping us, and all I ever wanted to do was to join her to stop the bullying that had haunted my past. We need to look out for the newer generations. I've also attended several relational aggression conferences, and I have personally met Rachel. She's a truly amazing person. But, it's not just her who can help stop relational aggression. I thoroughly believe that everyone can chip in.

Please join. There will be many discussions, and tons of information regarding how you can get through your past.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at


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